About the Marriedbook Team

The founders of Marriedbook:

Osy and Fanta (FantOsy) are a husband and wife married couple and inspirational team. Osy is an application, video game developer, programmer, producer, web designer and inspirational speaker. Fanta is an artist, speaker and designer. They have been married for over 20 years and share their passion with other married couples in the areas of team work development and marriage purpose fulfillment.

"We believe that God is the foundation in which a successful marriage and family is built on. From that foundation, all else follows. Marriedbook tools are developed to encourage team work, cooperation, equal accountability and trust among married couples." - Osy (Husband)

"Through our own personal experiences we’ve learned that proper communication, trust and mutual respect of each other's values and how you value your spouse as a person can become the glue that keeps the marital bond strong and the love everlasting." - Fanta (Wife)

Marriedbook applications and platform is designed to provide interactive guidance to empower couples to get in the driver seat of their relationship while becoming less dependent on outside resources and people. You as a married couple hold the keys and power to a successful relationship, Marriedbook simply guides you on how to unlock that full potential!