Partner Affiliate Program

As a partner affiliate you can earn 25% from the package price of your refered user or new member who joins marriedbook if they purchase access or upgrades their survice after using your affiliate link. If someone uses your link at anytime or any day before their purchase, you will be rewarded for that referral. Click below to get your link and to view your affiliate referrals. *Earnings and percentages are subject to change at anytime.

You can refer people to marriedbook as a side income opportunity or become a major partner influencer by using your social media platform to post our news or updates.

  1.  Use your affiliate link to post on your social media pages or email. The description info will populate automatically when using in social media platforms.
  2. You can post our news and magazine links on your social platforms as well using your affiliate link. Simply edit the news link and add the last part of the link adding your referral code. Modified Referral Link Example:
  3. You can also post your profile page on your social media sites or send them to friends and family using your referral link. *Remember to update your privacy settings so that people who visit your profile will be able to view your information. Modified Referral Link Example: