Working Together:

We are looking for mentors, teachers, counselors, coaches, authors, influencers of all types. If you have experience in outreach or have a desire to help others in the area of marriage or to help couples looking to get married, we would like to find a place for you on marriedbook. If you have a group, blog or page and you would like to expand your reach, we would love to work with you and design a plan for your company’s vision or goals.

Contact us and let us work together. We can find a plan custom designed for your goals on our platform. Opportunities of every type are available to our members. Use our contact form and answer the following questions. We will review them and set up an interview to discuss a plan. Contact Us

*Include your name, email, contact phone, website or social media links.

1. What is your experience with helping married or engaged couples (counselor, author, mentor, influencer etc)?

2. What would you describe are your special gifts, talents or abilities?

3. What activity would you say you are most interested in participating in? 

A. Posting events and up coming activities for married/engaged couples.
B. Posting articles with useful content, advice, ideas or destinations for married or engaged couples.
C. Creating groups or pages and engaging the community with content.
D. All of the above.
E. Something other than what is listed.

4. What other ideas if any do you have to work together to improve your outreach and bring value to marriedbook?


Affiliate Program (for official marriedbook members):


About the Program:

As an affiliate, you will earn 50% commission from each referred member. Earn up to $25 per member for simply telling others about marriedbook.com.


You will receive an affiliate link that you can email friends and family to spread the word or use your social media presence to post an announcement or invite. You can also post a permanent link on your profile, social group, profile page or website. *This is also a great opportunity for influencers or business owners with a relatable audience.


You are not allowed to send unsolicited emails, spam message boards or send unwanted DMs. If reported, you may have your affiliate rights revoked or possibly your account banned. Please be considerate.

What you will receive:

  1. Your own affiliate link that will track all progress.
  2. Access to our logos and banners.
  3. Your own control panel to track sales and progress.