Love Boot Camp


About Love Boot Camp
Love Boot Camp is a “self help” application for married couples looking to improve their relationship, their communication and time together, overcome marital disputes or issues and build a stronger more intimate bond with their partner. Complete daily challenges, simple daily and weekly evaluations and rate your partner's progress as they rate and review your own. Simple and effective, both partners have an equal say.
Purpose and Goals:    
✔️ To overcome difficulties in communication and understanding.  
✔️ To overcome marital disputes, arguing and tension. 
✔️ To become a better team and cooperative couple.   
✔️ To strengthen your bond, rekindle your friendship and intimacy.


🏆 Progress is entirely up to each couple.
🏆 Love Boot Camp is a "self help" application, not a therapist.
🏆 You must stay committed and motivated to complete the process.
🏆 The both of you will encourage and mentor your own development.
🏆 Commitment is the process. Team work is the progress.
🏆 You both are the key to your success.
🏆 Daily Challenge:
During the Daily Challenge you are both given 3 goals to achieve each day. After the end of the day, each partner gives a quick assessment on how well the other partner achieved those goals. You both then review the results and end the day. Merit points are given to your partner based upon how well they achieved those goals. Merit Badges are also earned as you gain Merit Points. Results and progress are carried on to the next day and throughout the week. Each week, you are given 3 new goals to achieve daily for 4 weeks in total. The assessment and review only takes a few minutes each day and is very simple to complete. The development can also continue long after the 4 week goal is achieved. All progress can be saved and Weekly Coaching can be accessed to provide further details about your Daily Challenges.
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🏆 Weekly Assessment:
At the end of seven days of your daily challenges, you and your partner will be given a weekly assessment. Each evaluation session is a few minutes. You and your partner each respond to a series of phrases through several response options. You then review each other’s responses and then conclude the session with discussions or silent reflection. Each private session can last 5-15 minutes. The complete couple's session can last from 30 minutes to an hour. Once the weekly assessment is completed, a new week is started with new Daily Challenges and goals.
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🏆 Time Involved:
Weekly assessments are simple but can grant amazing insight for both partners to reflect upon. You both can discuss the results or can opt to not discuss the results after they have been reviewed. The option to go over areas of concern is also available. No 3rd party is ever needed.
🏆 Merits and Rewards: 
Merit Badges are earned through progress. Your partner’s assessment of your progress determines the points earned and the badges you receive. You also in turn determine your partner’s progress equally. Your perspective of your partner and your partner’s perspective of you is what matters most here, not the accuracy of the assessment. This is what is reflected over time and inspires motivation on both sides. Accountability can be automatic and can help to keep your progress honest and fair without any 3rd party intervention.
*Love Boot Camp is not a therapist nor is it created by licensed therapists. Developed by a couple of over 20 years of marriage, Love Boot Camp is a "self help" application designed to help guide couples into reflection, self development and cooperation. Progress and results are based upon each couple's willingness to work together. We make no claims or guarantees for any personal success or prevention of failure. 

 System Requirements:

      • OS: Mac or PC Windows XP/Vista 7/8/10
      • Graphics: 1280x800 or better Video Resolution
      • Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or higher
      • Memory: 4 GB RAM
      • Network: Broadband Internet connection
      • Storage: 7 GB available space