marriedbook's Season of Love Event


2-2-22 through 2-22-22

About Event: Welcome to marriedbook and our Season of Love Event for married, newly wedded or engaged couples. Our event will start on 2-2-22 and run through 2-22-22. During our event, you can try our trial demo for "Love: Interactive Therapy" for free, join our Community Event Book and take part in our event challenge. We will also be updating our Marriedbook Magazine with content and articles so always check in for more content. *The event and challenge is for personal development and growth and can be kept private by the two of you.

  Love Interactive Therapy Demo:

During the event you will have access to try our self help application for married couples, "Love: Interactive Therapy" demo version for free. The demo version can be accesed direct from your web browser, no downloads needed and will be available on this page to access when the event starts. You can learn more about Love: Interactive Therapy by clicking the link below.

  Join Community Event Book:

We will host a community event book with a daily topic for each day during the event. We will also have polls and daily words of affirmation. Marriedbook members can participate in event polls, topics and add to the event album.

  Event Challenge:

Complete the Event Challenge during the event and mark each one off of your list.

  • Who doesn't like to eat? Have a romantic dinner (at home or go out to eat) at least once during this event.
  • Make time to connect on a personal level and reflect. Take a romantic walk with your partner and hold hands.
  • Don't be shy, put on some slow tunes and slow dance with your partner. Romance is in the air.
  • Update your marriedbook page with photos and memories and reflect on all of your special moments (privately).



  Event SALE 80% OFF:

During our seasonal event sale, life time membership to marriedbook and all in store items will be 80% off for the duration of the event.