About Marriedbook

Marriedbook is an interactive platform for married, engaged or newly wedded couples designed to help guide couples on how to strengthen their marital bond and enrich their marriage in the areas of communication, relationship and love. No downloads are needed and all applications can be used directly from your web browser. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs and you will receive access to all updates and future applications with your account. *All application progress and data is saved on your PC locally and is private. All other account data is stored on a secure remote server service provider (cloud).

Build your own private book filled with your memories and experiences. Utilize Marriedbook’s self help tools and applications for couples, get up to date content from Marriedbook magazine's article section and much more. 

*Marriedbook is designed to strengthen and encourage a private bond between couples. Community features and groups are geared toward couple's motivation, self improvement, positive development and encouragement. 

7 Reasons to Consider Marriedbook Self Help Based Applications:

✔️ Promotes REAL results. Easy to learn, use and navigate.
✔️ Private and Discreet. All saved (application) progress is stored locally on your PC.
✔️ Time Considerate. You can also save and return to your progress at anytime.
✔️ No 3rd Party Dependency (Promotes Team Work).
✔️ Inspires Positive Accountability (Rewarding and Encouraging). 
✔️ Non-Biased Mediation. Each Spouse Equally Contributes.
✔️ Directly and fully interactive and not just lesson or observation based.

*Marriedbook is low risk, affordable and we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. All application progress and data are saved on your PC (web browser) locally and is 100% private.

Marriedbook Applications are for You If You Need:  

✔️ To become a better team and cooperative couple.
✔️ To overcome difficulties in communication and understanding.  
✔️ To overcome marital disputes, arguing and tension. 
✔️ To stimulate your romance and intimacy.
✔️ To rekindle your bond, strengthen and build your friendship.
✔️ To learn more about yourself, your partner and your relationship.
✔️ To develop a fun and more pleasant relationship and to increase interaction.

 Applications Included With Marriedbook

Love Boot Camp

Love Boot Camp

Love Boot Camp is a “self help” application for married couples looking to improve their relationship, their communication and time together, overcome marital disputes or issues and build a stronger more intimate bond with their partner. Learn More

Love and Romance Interactive

Love & Romance Interactive

Love & Romance Interactive is a "self help", relationship application for married couples looking to stimulate love, affection, romance and intimacy in their relationship. Have a great time rating your partner's progress as they rate and review your own. Simple, insightful, rewarding and fun, both partners have an equal say.  Learn More



🏆 Progress is entirely up to each couple.
🏆 Marriedbook provides "self help" applications and is not a therapist.
🏆 You must stay committed and motivated to complete the process.
🏆 The both of you will encourage and mentor your own development.
🏆 Commitment is the process. Team work is the progress.
🏆 You both are the key to your success.


Achievements and Awards: There are merit points and badges you earn as you progress in any of our applications. You also gain experience points, level up your progress and gain award badges as you add content to your book. Encourage one another, share those special moments with each other and build your memories together, just the both of you. The journey is yours.

*Marriedbook Interactive is not a therapist nor is it created by licensed therapists. Developed by a couple of over 20 years of marriage, marriedbook provide "self help" applications designed to help guide couples into reflection, self development and cooperation. Progress and results are based upon each couple's willingness to work together. We make no claims or guarantees for any personal success or prevention of failure.

Get access to Marriedbook today and experience how it can help to enrich your relationship and married life. *Contact us directly if you have any questions Contact Us. 

System Requirements:

      • OS: Mac or PC Windows XP/Vista 7/8/10/11
      • Graphics: 1280x800 or better Video Resolution
      • Processor: Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or higher
      • Memory: 4 GB RAM
      • Network: Broadband Internet connection
      • Storage: 1 GB available space