About marriedbook:

Marriedbook is a digital album, book of memories, an interactive "self help" platform and marital content source for married, engaged or newly wedded couples. Marriedbook is also designed to encourage team work, a stronger more intimate bond with your spouse while also providing therapeutic solutions for couples.

Build your own private book filled with your memories and experiences. Utilize marriedbook’s self help relationship improvement applications for couples to help in the areas of communication, relationship and love. Get up to date content from marriedbook magazine's article section. Gain experience points, level up your progress and gain award badges as you add content to your book. Encourage one another, share those special moments with each other and build your memories together, just the both of you. The journey is yours.

Join marriedbook today and experience how it can help to enrich your relationship and married life. *Contact us directly if you have any questions Contact Us.

Interactive Programs Included:

Features Include:

  • Love: Interactive Therapy and Love Boot Camp comes included with membership.
  • Your Personal Profile Book: You can build your memories and special moments over time, post memories on your wall and timeline, upload photos, build albums, post videos and create a catalog of your special moments.
  • Award Progress: Gain experience points, level up your progress and gain award badges as you add content to your book and/or community.
  • Private or Public Pages: Create private journals and books that can only be viewed by you (all pages by default are private) or set your page category to allow your page to be viewed by the public. Create pages for particular or specific memories, events or occasions.
  • marriedbook magazine: Articles include marriedbook content by category. *Members can comment and/or like articles.
  • Community: Fun Activities, Community Groups and Polls. *Community groups are created and moderated by marriedbook.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (Optional): Log in with a code from your Google Authenticator App as well as a password.
  • Privacy Settings: Make settings on your Profile Book private, public or for friends to view only. You can also engage the community anonymously by selecting the "anonymous" option if you would like to remain private.
  • No Ads: No advertising or non-related content broadcasting.
  • One time payment: Lifetime membership access. No subscriptions needed.
  • Affiliate Program: Earn $10 comission from everyone who joins marriedbook when use your affiliate link to spread the word (members only).



System Requirements:

  • Can be accessed from any web browser with an online connection.
  • Best if used from a PC, Laptop or Tablet.
  • No downloads needed. Applications load through your web browser and progress is saved via cookies.


*Our community is moderated and does require a one time payment to gain lifetime access. Our community is exclusive to married couples or those who are engaged to be married. Marriedbook is NOT a dating website or a place to look for a relationship. Please Read our Terms of Use before joining.

Shared or Individual Accounts:

You can create a shared (joint) or individual account (you can change the account type at any time). Shared accounts allow you to build your memories on one joint account and Profile Book.

Your Progress:

Your progress and activities are rewarded as you participate in building your book or pages. You’ll gain experience points, level up your progress and gain badges. The entire experience is designed to be engaging and fun while providing activities to motivate your private interaction. Our platform encourages team work, private reflection and development. Marriedbook also encourages couple's interaction rather than external validation or competition.

Love Thy Neighbor:

Marriedbook welcomes people from all different cultures, lifestyles, beliefs and many walks of life. You can feel welcome to participate in our community, remain anonymous or private, but you should always feel welcome here.

Prayer Requests:

Our team members believe in the power of prayer. This is not a requirement to join marriedbook nor is it a requirement to participate in our community. We have opportunities for prayer requests for everyone regardless of your faith or belief. If you need or request prayer within our community, our doors are always open.


We are also a “positive, peaceful and productive” oriented community. All of our topics and discussions provide encouragement, resolutions, positive reflection, affirmation and opportunities to create testimonials and resolutions. We do not allow hate speech, political discussions or debates, business or product promotions. We do provide opportunities for counseling groups and mentorship.

You can have a joint account or individual account but being married or engaged is a community requirement. Our platform is NOT a dating site. Inappropriate actions such as, undesired advances or explicit content is also not allowed.

Please Read our Terms of Use before joining.